Sunday, August 26, 2007

Figurines' "Back In The Day" To Screen At 2007 Odense Film Festival, Denmark On Aug. 28 at 4PM

The animated music video I created and directed for the Danish rock band Figurines, which Aaron Blecha animated will screen at the 2007 Odense Film Festival at 4pm on Tuesday, August 28th at Cafe Biografen. (It will run again at 1AM on Friday, August 31 at Cafe Biografen 2).

The video will screen as part of a special program with other animations (professional and graduate student) from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark where we created the animation.

Thanks to the Animation Workshop for submitting the film and thanks to the Odense Film Festival for accepting and screening it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Back In The Day" On Channel Frederator, Episode #93!!!

You can watch the entire episode now:

There's also a brief interview about the video here on the excellent Frederator blog as well!

Thanks to everyone at Frederator for including the piece in this episode and thanks to YOU for watching!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DANISH National TV!!!! DR1, March 22, 4pm

The Figurines' "Back In The Day" animation will be broadcast on Danish National Television on Channel DR1 on Thursday, March 22 at 4pm, during the "LIGA" music show.

If you aren't in front of your TV then, you can see the show online, after the broadcast, by going to to the LIGA website here and clicking the "DR.DK TV - Se programmet i dr. dk tv" link
at the right.

AND if you just wish to see the final cut of the video RIGHT NOW, you can just click on it!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

World Premiere!!!

The world premiere on the Stereogum music blog today! See posting here!

The Final Product!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Open Workshop Photos 20 Nov.-1 Dec. 2006

Here are some photos from the Animation Workshop and the Drawing Academy here in Viborg, Denmark. Along with an international community of students and professors there's also the program we're in called "Open Workshop" where outside professionals within the world of animation can come and use the facilities and create within a supportive environment while crafting their own projects. These photos document our time here within the school and amongst our fellow Open Workshop comrades.

The Animation Workshop Campus! Converted Danish Army Barracks.

The building where we do our thing.

A sports stadium lies beyond the horizon with huge night light towers.

Brad's room. (Remember: Converted Army Barracks!) Nice and big. Nice and sparse.

Aaron's Room. Lovely, gentle lighting.

Our workspace. Aaron begins animating! Just look at all
that sweet Scandinavian floor wood. It's like working in a forest!

Fine, detailed work using FLASH.

A well earned break to chat with other Open Workshop creators. It's a good vibe.
No boss....beers will pop.

The Kitchen. Tea is key.

The other Open Workshop folks are working on fantastic projects. Everyone is here for different lengths of time. We're only here for a couple of weeks while some are here for a number of years working on their projects and teaching at the school. They've shared their work with us and it's all top notch.

Henrik Malmgren, from Sweden, is an animator/illustrator currently creating a beautiful, 6 minute, 3-D short.

Salvador Simo, from Spain, is also progressing with his 3-D short as well as teaching 3-D animation to students at the school.
Salvador transitioned from 2-D to 3-D a few years
back and has created wonderful animations in both formats.

Uri Kranot and Michal Pfeffer from Israel are a peaceful, powerhouse of husband and wife talent. Travelling the globe creating project after project and attending the many festivals for which their original and moving, 2-D films have received enormous acclaim. Uri also composes the music for their shorts. Day after day they work side by side illustrating and animating. It's nice to see how they look from the back but.....

Here's how they look from the front...away from the computers in front of nice Thanksgiving candlelight. They cooked all of us an amazing meal for which we were indeed...Thankful!

There's art everywhere as you walk the halls. Characters, storyboards, keyframes, doodles, etc.

Lots of good gatherings. This one was for Mathilde Schytz Juul's (far left) going away party. Mathilde has been the head of the Open Workshop department but is now returning to her lovely Copenhagen to be a producer at the Fabulab animation company. We've only known her for a short time but she's been incredibly kind and helpful and when she laughs, it's like listening to an angel sing...after a few drinks!

Champagne and sandwiches to help say "Good Luck and Thanks Mathilde!"

High talent from the USA in the house here in Viborg. Animation Directors Aaron Blecha and Tod Polson. The school here is one of many international stops for Tod to teach and work on his productions.

Lotte's second cousin Andreas who's a fantastic drawer was able to visit us for a couple of hours to see the school, meet some students and teachers and learn more about a world of animation just an hour and a half from his home!

He brought a camera and clickety-clicked on all the art he could get his lens on!

Happy Thanksgiving 2006 from the Open Workshop in Viborg, DK.

Aaron and I went for a fine Sunday stroll around Viborg's North Lake where
we got a nice view of the Viborg Cathedral from afar.

The Danish "Watch Out For Me!" sign warns
motorists that children are playing in the area.

Cool Boats on the lake. Some filled with water and some filled with air.

The front of the Viborg Cathedral.

Upon entering the church we saw Lotte, who drove down to
surprise us! Thanks!

When in Denmark...One is GUARANTEED to party with real TROLLS!
(Especially when they're in the town square rehearsing for their upcoming Christmas performances!)

Gorgeous "Winter Smoothies" with just the right amount of ginger
were enjoyed at the Cafe Morville where we dropped in for a delicious lunch.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aaron Blecha To Animate in Viborg, DK!!!

The amazing character designer, drawer, animator and director, Aaron Blecha, will animate the Figurines, "Back In The Day" music video at Open Workshop from November 20 to December 1, 2006.

Aaron and I knew each other in San Francisco over years where we both worked for Spazzco Animation with boss/friend/guru Dana Muise.
With Aaron's animation, directing and drawing skills, this video will truly take on a unique and odd life of it's own. The opportunity to spend concentrated time collaborating with him in Viborg is both great fortune for me and for the look and feel of the final piece. Not to mention, lots will be learned and fun will be had!

Be sure to visit his Monster Squid website and his Blogcha to see samples of his drawings, animations, sketches and directed projects. His first book "A Field Guide To Midwest Monsters" is at a bookstore or webstore near you!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


All Images ┬ęBrad Mossman 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Keyframe #1

Keyframe #2

Keyframe #3

Keyframe #4

Keyframe #5

Keyframe #6

Keyframe #7

Keyframe #8

Keyframe #9
Keyframe #10

Keyframe #11

More Keyframes To Insert Here Between #11 and #12

Keyframe 12
Keyframe 13

Keyframe 14
Keyframe 15
Keyframe 16
Keyframe 17
Keyframe 18
Keyframe 19
Keyframe 20
Keyframe 21 (Cover of "Skeleton" CD)

All Images ┬ęBrad Mossman 2006. All Rights Reserved.